“Love peace can be achieved when ,in each person the power of love replaces the love of power”

I have a really strong belief that love can heal anything. We all are the messengers of love, we all are filled with emotions and we have the power of love with which we can change anything. Love has that ultimate power which can heal anyone and anything. Love is present in each and every thing because love is the healer. We see in our daily lives, such cases where a person is about to die of any disease then suddenly the power of love heals him. It’s the power within, it’s natural.

One should know how to give others what they need, because love is the only thing which heals a depressed person, which cures a dying person, love is what motivates a dishearted person. If we know how to use the power of love which exists within ourselves we can spread peace. Love is the spiritual and physical need for us, we need it in our tough moments of life where we are left alone with no hope, the only light which shows us the way is of love.

What we see today is that the perception of love is bounded in some specific meanings but this is not what love exactly is. Love is powerful and infinite. Everyone of us should spread love among people because this is what makes peace grow. Giving and spreading love gives us satisfaction and a hope to others. No matter how much a person is bestowed with all the resources of life but in the end he needs love and care because this is what gives satisfaction and calmness. This is what gives us spiritual peace.




The video which I encountered watching is from Tony Robbins is the founder of Anthony Robbins Foundation and International Welfare. In this video he talks about many different things which motivates a person and he asks the audience that what is that thing which drives you to do some actions? Initially he talks about two things which exists in every person which are: Science of achievement and the Art of fulfillment. He explains that science is easy, it has rules but the art of fulfillment is something related to appreciation and contribution. He further elaborates that what are those invisible forces which urges a person to achieve something and what are the reasons we get failed. If we ask anybody that what are the factors which came in your way in achieving something. We think that lack of resources is the main reason for our failures in life like money, time, technology and knowledge. But we have observed that people who have all the resources with them and are living the best lives are not capable of contributing to others and on the other side we see that those people who have faced ultimate pain in their lives tend to give more and they tend to contribute the most because they feel those emotions and they want others to take action because they understand the “invisible forces” which shapes us.

So, it’s not about Resources, it’s about Resourcefulness which consists of Emotions, like creativity, determination, love, care, curiosity and pain and passion. He further explains that there are two invisible forces which drive us to achieve our target which are “State” and “Model of the World”. These two forces motivate us to uncover our target and they let us know how to get those targets. He talks about the six human needs that are Certainty, he says that we don’t want everything to be certain in our lives because if we know what’s going to happen next our life would become boring that’s why God has created uncertainty to give us surprises but we only like surprises which we want, other than that we consider them as problems but whatever it is, we need that. The third need he discussed was Critical Significance, that every human wants to be loved, wants to be adored because it gives us strength. Other needs are considered to be spiritual needs, which are that we must grow in order to contribute beyond ourselves. We must become givers. In the end he shares his story that when he was 11 years old, his family was in great mess because of his father. On thanksgiving there was no food for us but suddenly our door bell rang and we found a gift which was food. At that moment, my dad came up with three decisions which were that somebody has given charity to us, am I worthless? ,should I leave my family? And he left. The decision which I made from that only thing which gave me a reason to contribute to others, which gave me target was that i came up with thress totally different decisions which were my focus on “Food” , a gift and that feeling and emotion that “Strangers care”. The target I made from this was that when I got 17, I fed two families on thanksgiving and that was a proud moment for me, the most happening thing I’ve done which gave me satisfaction and motivation to give something to your fellow beings. Today he runs an entire welfare and he feeds thousands of people every year.

I found this video very inspirational and I want my readers to watch this video. 


The success story which I am going to write about is of J.K Rowling, the lady who created Harry Potter. Rowling was born in England, when she was a kid,she often used to write fantasies and read them to her sister. The first story which she wrote was about a rabbit, and how she got into a rabbit hole and was fed strawberries by the rabbits. She showed this story to her mother and her mother told her that it was great. It was her dream to get her story published one day, and she knew that she has to wait for some time.

Fast forward, after 19 years she was on a four hour delayed train to Manchester when suddenly she came up with a thought of a young boy attending wizardry school and she named it Harry. She came back home and started writing about Harry and other characters. This was the beginning of her success, but in the December of that year her mother died suffering from multiple sclerosis.

Her mother’s death affected her writing very much especially the part when Harry lost his parents because she was aware of that feeling. However, to overcome these problems she decided to shift to Portual to teach English as a foreign language, where she met Portuguese television journalist, Jorge Arantas and fell in love with him and they got married. One year later, they had a child named Jessica, however that very year she got separated from her husband.

This was the point when she was left with one baby and a miserable life ahead, with no money and no support. She decided to move to Edinburgh, near her sister in order to rebuild her life. This was the tough time of her life, she had a responsibility of a baby and she had to do something to survive. But for some reason she knew that she had to keep going and she still had the bare essentials left with to finish what she was meant to do.

She soon realized that she still have some valuable assets left with her which motivated her to live her life and prove herself. She had her daughter which she adored, an old typewriter and a great idea. She started to work on it. She started a one-year course in order to get a certificate of education so that she could teach English in Scotland. During this time, she somehow managed to write her novel by surviving on welfare. She wrote in cafes wherever she made her daughter fall asleep. She worked hard and finally completed her manuscript in 1995, “Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone” on an old typewriter. She sent her book to find a publisher but it was rejected 12 times. A small publishing British house in London, England finally accepted it and they told her to find a job because there is not much money in children’s book.

In 1998, she finally got a good news in an auction held in US for the rights of publishing the novel and it was won by Scholastic Inc. $105,000. She nearly died when heard the news. The name of the novel was later changed to “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”. This book started creating a global phenomenon with thousands upon thousands of copies sold. An entire movie series was made on this novel which was a blockbuster. Her last book’ The Deathly Hollows created a hype in the market with 7000 copies sold during the first 24 hours of its publishing and became the fastest selling book in the history.

J.K Rowling worked really hard, being a single mother and supporting her daughter, and with circumstances of living alone and living a poor life in Britain, she eventually managed to become a billionaire and being the world’s famous and likeable authors of children and adults.

To conclude, life is not easy for anyone one. One has to face challenges and believe that he can do whatever he wants. One surely becomes successful in achieving his desired goals.

Review on a movie : The Social Network

The movie “The Social Network” is directed by David Fincher. It was very hard to explain a story about a computer programmer who created facebook but David has just got it right at the point, presenting the CEO of facebook Mark Zuckerberg played by Jesse Eisenberg. The movie tells a story about a genius computer science student of Harvard University that takes place in a stupefyingly male environment in 2003.

The story starts in a campus bar where Zuckerberg is dating Erica and they get into an argument because of Zuckerberg’s ignorance and Erica gets angry, calls him an asshole and walks away. Zuckerberg with his wounded heart or he might have seen it as a symbol of losing status goes back to his room and takes some sips of beer and with all the evilness in his mind, he starts blogging about Erica and starts hacking into the facebook of Harvard domes and collect the headshots of Harvard girls. He creates a page named “Face mash” where all the Harvard women can be rated for their hotness which crashes the Harvard server. What Zuckerberg did, was illegal and he was taken into account for by Harvard Board. On the other side, two of the Harvard students were Cameron and Tylor proposes Zuckerberg to help in making their project named “Harvard Connection”. Later on, Zuckerberg came up with the idea of making his own social networking site and he started working on that and he kept on delaying the meetings with the two twins Tylor and Cameron. The financial help was provided to Zuckerberg from his only trusted best friend Eduardo (Andrew Garfield), who was later made the CFO of the company. Tylor and Cameron were not aware about Zuckerberg’s plan, the day they came to know about it was when it was already launched and was spreading all over the city. They claimed that Mark has stolen their idea for “Harvard Connection” and used it in making this site called “Facebook”. They don’t want to go to the court because they think that it’s not Harvard student’s type. They consult the University board, in which they fail because the president of the university thinks that it’s not the matter of university. 

Facebook was creating a hype in the whole city when they meet Sean Parker (Justin Timberlake), who was the founder of the two legendary web startups Napster and Plaxo. He forces Mark to expand his website to Newyork, which Eduardo doesn’t feel right and these circumstances create differences between Mark and Eduardo. However, Mark shifts to Newyork and starts working with Parker. Eduardo gets obsessed and he freezes the accounts which were used by Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg removes Eduardo from the position of CFO of facebook and signs partnership with Parker. While celebrating 100,000 users of facebook in a party he got caught by the cops because he was using drugs. Mark got afraid that it would be on news any time. In the end Mark Zuckerberg however becomes successful in saving his website “Facebook”.

“The Social Network” is a great film because of its visual cleverness and dazzling style. I recommend everybody to watch this movie. Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire of the world. I would like to urge my readers to watch this movie.

REVIEW ON A BOOK : “The Mulberry Tree” by Jude Deveraux


This is a story of a young lady Lillian Manville, who’s married to a self made billionaire James Manville. Lillian did every possible thing to please her husband. She obeyed his older husband’s every command just to get his love and attention. Jimmie might have loved her but he was a cruel and rude man. Lillian however, had every luxury in her life including money, jewels and travelling around the world.  

But the story takes a turn when Jimmie dies in a plane crash. Lillian’s pampered life comes to an end. She comes to know that Jimmie has bequeathed all of his riches to his devious siblings, Ray and Atlanta. The thing he only leaves behind for her wife is an old farmhouse in small town Calburn, Virginia. Although Lillian is devastated by the betrayal and death of Jimmie, she discovers a well of secrets related to Jimmie’s past that originate in Calburn and to a long-ago tragedy concerning a group of boys known as the “Golden Six”. By uncovering the secrets, Lillian thought that she will come to know his husband better, the man she loved and lost mysteriously.

Lillian changed a lot which she didn’t even notice. She transformed completely from a fat lady to a smart and attractive women. She even changes her name to avoid harassment from the press. A man comes into her life whose name is Matthew Longacre. He helps in renovating her farmhouse. He is a nice, handsome local man and Lillian establishes friendships with Calburn’s quirky town’s people.

As time passes Lillian develops her own business and she revealed her inner strength which she never knew existed. Though Lillian’s new life seems as strong as the mulberry tree which is planted firmly outside her farmhouse, there are secrets and lies that threaten to uproot the past she cherished and the future she will fight to protect.



This is one roller coaster of a mysterybook. Throughout the book I loved figuring out new secrets of the characters and finding pieces of information to fill the gaps of the protagonist’s knowledge. Who are the Golden Boys? Who was Jimmie? What happened on the 30th of March?

I loved how the author drew me in and lead me through the finding of knowledge.It is a complicated mystery. I definitely think this is a pro. Not at one point was the story predictable, and I could never predict what was about to happen. Some of the things revealed were unexpected yet at the same time believable/justified. The mystery is what kept me reading to the end and is what I’ll remember this book by.



I would defiantly recommend this book to those who love mysteries. From the first page till the last, the book kept me at the edge of my seat.  Jude Deveraux is a plot driven author and as a character driven reader I feel justified in giving her the three stars.However, the plot is pretty amazing so I recommend it to anyone/everyone


Every single person has his own interests. The thing which makes a person feel happy and comfortable is included in his interest. It depends upon the personality of a person which defines his interest. My area of interest is “ART”.

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”
Art is something through which a person can express himself and his inner soul. I believe that every person is born with some talent and charm in him, every single person has some inborn abilities.

Art has always been my interest since childhood, I use to draw everything which I liked. My mother told me that, I even used to express my mood through my drawings. When I was happy I drew happy faces and when I felt sad I use to make sad faces. I really like observing different things and I like imagining because it opens your mind as well. Drawing and painting has always been an important part of my life. I always wanted to be an artist but things don’t always turn according to our expectations. But art has always inspired me. I’ve always liked to collect different colours, crayons and many other things because colours make me feel happy and when I put colours and my feelings together just by going into an imaginary world, I come up with something really nice and unique.

Every person should find a way of expressing himself which helps him to know himself even better.

Its Me :D

On November 8th, 1995, I was born in Khartoum, Sudan. The eldest child of four, I, Kiran Khaleeq, always had a target on my back to make sure I was perfect. At the early age of three, I migrated to Karachi, Pakistan. My Father, Dr Khaleeq raised me as princes. All my childhood was pampered by him. As I am the eldest daughter, so I was idealized right from the beginning.

As every other girl, I love to be presentable. Collecting beautiful Stationary and nail polishes are my hobbies. I love to experiment new stuff, and explore different design every day. Colors and chocolates are few things which make me happy all the time. Colors do play a vital role in my life. Blue skies and color full nature always energizes my mood.

Reading books and sketching are my best hobbies. Lately, I have read ‘The Name Sake’ and ‘Harry Potter. ‘Books enhance my knowledge, and sketching is one of my expressions. I have almost been everywhere with the help of books. I don’t have to apply for visa and buy tickets to travel. On the other hand, sketching is one of my expressions. Right from my childhood, sketching is one thing which has never let me bored. At the age of 12, I used to sketch different cartoons and fiction characters like Barbie, doll, etc. Now, admiring nature through my sketches is my entertainment life. My sketches can take hours, days and week depending upon how intense they are.

TV shows and movies are also very important in my life. How I met your mother, Prison break and White Collar are my all time favorite shows. Robin, Neil and Samuel Sullivan are my favourite characters. Robin, being a journalist is one reason to like a lot. Niel Cafri, a corn artist is always a source of admiration to live with flaws. Helping others, risk your life for friends and importance of blood relations are the central idea of these shows. Somehow, these characters do resemble me. Yes, there are pros and cons of every show, but let’s neglect cons. It is quite easy for me to adopt good characters. I am quite observant, and try to analyze things before I speak. I never try to rush into argument, but I observe and wait for the right time.
Like every other person, I have experienced a lot. Still I do have lots of flaws, but slowly and gradually I will push it to none. It takes courage to disclose my flaws, and I am proud to discuss with my friends and family. I have a soft heart for every other person, but unfortunately how could we forget crooked people around us. I can fight for my friends and family till my last breath, but still how could we forget who takes advantage of friendship. When I was a kid, I use to stand for every other person around me, and later realized that being friend and portraying friends are two different things. My mother always guided me to right path. I thank my family and legitimate friends for being so supportive. My presence wasn’t so important, but they made me part of discussion and groomed me well. They respected my decision. In our society, women are always considered to be second command, but my family never thought so. They gave me equal rights, and freedom to speak. Furthermore, my goal is to stand by for ladies who are abused by our unethical society. My father always taught me to fight for a rite. In past, I have observed child abuse, rape and a lot more but no one has courage to stand for their rights. I have always been a team player, because I have a firm believe that alone I am none but together we are all.
In conclusion, I am very loving, caring, and friendly person. Last but not least, I would like to thank my teacher Sir Wajdan for pushing me towards creative writing. Creative writing is the most important thing to accomplish my dreams. Freedom to speak is never possible without creative writing.