7 ways to win arguement

My name is Kiran khaleeq. I am currently doing my BBA program from IOBM (Institute of business management). I am intersted in creative writing as it has always been one of my many dreams that people appreciate my thoughts very soon. I came to know that expressing yourself through writing is the best idea to actually convey the idea. I have reviewed an article on the entrepreneur.com that is 7 ways to win an argument and i will be writing a short review of what i observed. The main idea of the whole article was to convey the fact that a person will not always be benefited by arguments as one must be man enough to accept when he’s wrong as this would increase his acceptance level along with his self esteem and respect to others. More of what was written there was the precautions of how a person can actually avoid the things that actually gets you in awkward situations. Entrepreneurs do get in a lot of arguments and they have to prove them right as well not everytime is this phenomenom is possible one must also be able to accept his defeat. You cannot always be right but you shouldnt be afraid of taking the decisons.