Its Me :D

On November 8th, 1995, I was born in Khartoum, Sudan. The eldest child of four, I, Kiran Khaleeq, always had a target on my back to make sure I was perfect. At the early age of three, I migrated to Karachi, Pakistan. My Father, Dr Khaleeq raised me as princes. All my childhood was pampered by him. As I am the eldest daughter, so I was idealized right from the beginning.

As every other girl, I love to be presentable. Collecting beautiful Stationary and nail polishes are my hobbies. I love to experiment new stuff, and explore different design every day. Colors and chocolates are few things which make me happy all the time. Colors do play a vital role in my life. Blue skies and color full nature always energizes my mood.

Reading books and sketching are my best hobbies. Lately, I have read ‘The Name Sake’ and ‘Harry Potter. ‘Books enhance my knowledge, and sketching is one of my expressions. I have almost been everywhere with the help of books. I don’t have to apply for visa and buy tickets to travel. On the other hand, sketching is one of my expressions. Right from my childhood, sketching is one thing which has never let me bored. At the age of 12, I used to sketch different cartoons and fiction characters like Barbie, doll, etc. Now, admiring nature through my sketches is my entertainment life. My sketches can take hours, days and week depending upon how intense they are.

TV shows and movies are also very important in my life. How I met your mother, Prison break and White Collar are my all time favorite shows. Robin, Neil and Samuel Sullivan are my favourite characters. Robin, being a journalist is one reason to like a lot. Niel Cafri, a corn artist is always a source of admiration to live with flaws. Helping others, risk your life for friends and importance of blood relations are the central idea of these shows. Somehow, these characters do resemble me. Yes, there are pros and cons of every show, but let’s neglect cons. It is quite easy for me to adopt good characters. I am quite observant, and try to analyze things before I speak. I never try to rush into argument, but I observe and wait for the right time.
Like every other person, I have experienced a lot. Still I do have lots of flaws, but slowly and gradually I will push it to none. It takes courage to disclose my flaws, and I am proud to discuss with my friends and family. I have a soft heart for every other person, but unfortunately how could we forget crooked people around us. I can fight for my friends and family till my last breath, but still how could we forget who takes advantage of friendship. When I was a kid, I use to stand for every other person around me, and later realized that being friend and portraying friends are two different things. My mother always guided me to right path. I thank my family and legitimate friends for being so supportive. My presence wasn’t so important, but they made me part of discussion and groomed me well. They respected my decision. In our society, women are always considered to be second command, but my family never thought so. They gave me equal rights, and freedom to speak. Furthermore, my goal is to stand by for ladies who are abused by our unethical society. My father always taught me to fight for a rite. In past, I have observed child abuse, rape and a lot more but no one has courage to stand for their rights. I have always been a team player, because I have a firm believe that alone I am none but together we are all.
In conclusion, I am very loving, caring, and friendly person. Last but not least, I would like to thank my teacher Sir Wajdan for pushing me towards creative writing. Creative writing is the most important thing to accomplish my dreams. Freedom to speak is never possible without creative writing.


One thought on “Its Me :D

  1. Yeah thats definitely you have always been very expressive towards your feelings as well as the things you observe from your surrounding. And you are definitely loving and caring.u always treasured your family and friends.

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