Every single person has his own interests. The thing which makes a person feel happy and comfortable is included in his interest. It depends upon the personality of a person which defines his interest. My area of interest is “ART”.

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”
Art is something through which a person can express himself and his inner soul. I believe that every person is born with some talent and charm in him, every single person has some inborn abilities.

Art has always been my interest since childhood, I use to draw everything which I liked. My mother told me that, I even used to express my mood through my drawings. When I was happy I drew happy faces and when I felt sad I use to make sad faces. I really like observing different things and I like imagining because it opens your mind as well. Drawing and painting has always been an important part of my life. I always wanted to be an artist but things don’t always turn according to our expectations. But art has always inspired me. I’ve always liked to collect different colours, crayons and many other things because colours make me feel happy and when I put colours and my feelings together just by going into an imaginary world, I come up with something really nice and unique.

Every person should find a way of expressing himself which helps him to know himself even better.


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