REVIEW ON A BOOK : “The Mulberry Tree” by Jude Deveraux


This is a story of a young lady Lillian Manville, who’s married to a self made billionaire James Manville. Lillian did every possible thing to please her husband. She obeyed his older husband’s every command just to get his love and attention. Jimmie might have loved her but he was a cruel and rude man. Lillian however, had every luxury in her life including money, jewels and travelling around the world.  

But the story takes a turn when Jimmie dies in a plane crash. Lillian’s pampered life comes to an end. She comes to know that Jimmie has bequeathed all of his riches to his devious siblings, Ray and Atlanta. The thing he only leaves behind for her wife is an old farmhouse in small town Calburn, Virginia. Although Lillian is devastated by the betrayal and death of Jimmie, she discovers a well of secrets related to Jimmie’s past that originate in Calburn and to a long-ago tragedy concerning a group of boys known as the “Golden Six”. By uncovering the secrets, Lillian thought that she will come to know his husband better, the man she loved and lost mysteriously.

Lillian changed a lot which she didn’t even notice. She transformed completely from a fat lady to a smart and attractive women. She even changes her name to avoid harassment from the press. A man comes into her life whose name is Matthew Longacre. He helps in renovating her farmhouse. He is a nice, handsome local man and Lillian establishes friendships with Calburn’s quirky town’s people.

As time passes Lillian develops her own business and she revealed her inner strength which she never knew existed. Though Lillian’s new life seems as strong as the mulberry tree which is planted firmly outside her farmhouse, there are secrets and lies that threaten to uproot the past she cherished and the future she will fight to protect.



This is one roller coaster of a mysterybook. Throughout the book I loved figuring out new secrets of the characters and finding pieces of information to fill the gaps of the protagonist’s knowledge. Who are the Golden Boys? Who was Jimmie? What happened on the 30th of March?

I loved how the author drew me in and lead me through the finding of knowledge.It is a complicated mystery. I definitely think this is a pro. Not at one point was the story predictable, and I could never predict what was about to happen. Some of the things revealed were unexpected yet at the same time believable/justified. The mystery is what kept me reading to the end and is what I’ll remember this book by.



I would defiantly recommend this book to those who love mysteries. From the first page till the last, the book kept me at the edge of my seat.  Jude Deveraux is a plot driven author and as a character driven reader I feel justified in giving her the three stars.However, the plot is pretty amazing so I recommend it to anyone/everyone


17 thoughts on “REVIEW ON A BOOK : “The Mulberry Tree” by Jude Deveraux

  1. I thought this would just be a light read but it was really good and held my interest to the end. There is a story/mystery within a story.It is indeed a very inspiring story and so factual actually. This is a masterpiece that is wisely made. The sadness that is portrayed is moving.I loved how you drew me in and lead me through the finding of knowledge. well done kiran!

  2. An attractive piece of writing it was. It made me read the whole story with amazing interest. You’ve improving your writing skills. Looking forward to your further posts and you’ll surely get a good grade in your project.

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