Review on a movie : The Social Network

The movie “The Social Network” is directed by David Fincher. It was very hard to explain a story about a computer programmer who created facebook but David has just got it right at the point, presenting the CEO of facebook Mark Zuckerberg played by Jesse Eisenberg. The movie tells a story about a genius computer science student of Harvard University that takes place in a stupefyingly male environment in 2003.

The story starts in a campus bar where Zuckerberg is dating Erica and they get into an argument because of Zuckerberg’s ignorance and Erica gets angry, calls him an asshole and walks away. Zuckerberg with his wounded heart or he might have seen it as a symbol of losing status goes back to his room and takes some sips of beer and with all the evilness in his mind, he starts blogging about Erica and starts hacking into the facebook of Harvard domes and collect the headshots of Harvard girls. He creates a page named “Face mash” where all the Harvard women can be rated for their hotness which crashes the Harvard server. What Zuckerberg did, was illegal and he was taken into account for by Harvard Board. On the other side, two of the Harvard students were Cameron and Tylor proposes Zuckerberg to help in making their project named “Harvard Connection”. Later on, Zuckerberg came up with the idea of making his own social networking site and he started working on that and he kept on delaying the meetings with the two twins Tylor and Cameron. The financial help was provided to Zuckerberg from his only trusted best friend Eduardo (Andrew Garfield), who was later made the CFO of the company. Tylor and Cameron were not aware about Zuckerberg’s plan, the day they came to know about it was when it was already launched and was spreading all over the city. They claimed that Mark has stolen their idea for “Harvard Connection” and used it in making this site called “Facebook”. They don’t want to go to the court because they think that it’s not Harvard student’s type. They consult the University board, in which they fail because the president of the university thinks that it’s not the matter of university. 

Facebook was creating a hype in the whole city when they meet Sean Parker (Justin Timberlake), who was the founder of the two legendary web startups Napster and Plaxo. He forces Mark to expand his website to Newyork, which Eduardo doesn’t feel right and these circumstances create differences between Mark and Eduardo. However, Mark shifts to Newyork and starts working with Parker. Eduardo gets obsessed and he freezes the accounts which were used by Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg removes Eduardo from the position of CFO of facebook and signs partnership with Parker. While celebrating 100,000 users of facebook in a party he got caught by the cops because he was using drugs. Mark got afraid that it would be on news any time. In the end Mark Zuckerberg however becomes successful in saving his website “Facebook”.

“The Social Network” is a great film because of its visual cleverness and dazzling style. I recommend everybody to watch this movie. Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire of the world. I would like to urge my readers to watch this movie.


26 thoughts on “Review on a movie : The Social Network

  1. i am sure that you will achive your goals soon kiran en i really like your creavities inshallah you will be a successfull girl!! 🙂

  2. I’ve seen this movie and you have just summarized it perfectly by mentioning the main points, and explaining the movie step by step which is not an easy task !
    Keep it up.

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