The success story which I am going to write about is of J.K Rowling, the lady who created Harry Potter. Rowling was born in England, when she was a kid,she often used to write fantasies and read them to her sister. The first story which she wrote was about a rabbit, and how she got into a rabbit hole and was fed strawberries by the rabbits. She showed this story to her mother and her mother told her that it was great. It was her dream to get her story published one day, and she knew that she has to wait for some time.

Fast forward, after 19 years she was on a four hour delayed train to Manchester when suddenly she came up with a thought of a young boy attending wizardry school and she named it Harry. She came back home and started writing about Harry and other characters. This was the beginning of her success, but in the December of that year her mother died suffering from multiple sclerosis.

Her mother’s death affected her writing very much especially the part when Harry lost his parents because she was aware of that feeling. However, to overcome these problems she decided to shift to Portual to teach English as a foreign language, where she met Portuguese television journalist, Jorge Arantas and fell in love with him and they got married. One year later, they had a child named Jessica, however that very year she got separated from her husband.

This was the point when she was left with one baby and a miserable life ahead, with no money and no support. She decided to move to Edinburgh, near her sister in order to rebuild her life. This was the tough time of her life, she had a responsibility of a baby and she had to do something to survive. But for some reason she knew that she had to keep going and she still had the bare essentials left with to finish what she was meant to do.

She soon realized that she still have some valuable assets left with her which motivated her to live her life and prove herself. She had her daughter which she adored, an old typewriter and a great idea. She started to work on it. She started a one-year course in order to get a certificate of education so that she could teach English in Scotland. During this time, she somehow managed to write her novel by surviving on welfare. She wrote in cafes wherever she made her daughter fall asleep. She worked hard and finally completed her manuscript in 1995, “Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone” on an old typewriter. She sent her book to find a publisher but it was rejected 12 times. A small publishing British house in London, England finally accepted it and they told her to find a job because there is not much money in children’s book.

In 1998, she finally got a good news in an auction held in US for the rights of publishing the novel and it was won by Scholastic Inc. $105,000. She nearly died when heard the news. The name of the novel was later changed to “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”. This book started creating a global phenomenon with thousands upon thousands of copies sold. An entire movie series was made on this novel which was a blockbuster. Her last book’ The Deathly Hollows created a hype in the market with 7000 copies sold during the first 24 hours of its publishing and became the fastest selling book in the history.

J.K Rowling worked really hard, being a single mother and supporting her daughter, and with circumstances of living alone and living a poor life in Britain, she eventually managed to become a billionaire and being the world’s famous and likeable authors of children and adults.

To conclude, life is not easy for anyone one. One has to face challenges and believe that he can do whatever he wants. One surely becomes successful in achieving his desired goals.


17 thoughts on “A SUCCESS STORY : J.K. ROWLING

  1. so that’s the background of this movie which i really love thanks kiran for the info keep it up ..
    best wishes!!! 🙂

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