“Love peace can be achieved when ,in each person the power of love replaces the love of power”

I have a really strong belief that love can heal anything. We all are the messengers of love, we all are filled with emotions and we have the power of love with which we can change anything. Love has that ultimate power which can heal anyone and anything. Love is present in each and every thing because love is the healer. We see in our daily lives, such cases where a person is about to die of any disease then suddenly the power of love heals him. It’s the power within, it’s natural.

One should know how to give others what they need, because love is the only thing which heals a depressed person, which cures a dying person, love is what motivates a dishearted person. If we know how to use the power of love which exists within ourselves we can spread peace. Love is the spiritual and physical need for us, we need it in our tough moments of life where we are left alone with no hope, the only light which shows us the way is of love.

What we see today is that the perception of love is bounded in some specific meanings but this is not what love exactly is. Love is powerful and infinite. Everyone of us should spread love among people because this is what makes peace grow. Giving and spreading love gives us satisfaction and a hope to others. No matter how much a person is bestowed with all the resources of life but in the end he needs love and care because this is what gives satisfaction and calmness. This is what gives us spiritual peace.


11 thoughts on “LOVE CAN HEAL

  1. You’ve beautifully expressed your thoughts about the power of love,
    Yes it is true that love can heal anything and we should love our fellow beings and spread peace in the world.

  2. True that, with love this world is beautiful and one should always appreciate love if he/she getting this from anyone …..

  3. Bestowness of all resources not means in life the thing required is peace and happiness as well which we can get by loving others, and to be loved by others

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