The video which I encountered watching is from Tony Robbins is the founder of Anthony Robbins Foundation and International Welfare. In this video he talks about many different things which motivates a person and he asks the audience that what is that thing which drives you to do some actions? Initially he talks about two things which exists in every person which are: Science of achievement and the Art of fulfillment. He explains that science is easy, it has rules but the art of fulfillment is something related to appreciation and contribution. He further elaborates that what are those invisible forces which urges a person to achieve something and what are the reasons we get failed. If we ask anybody that what are the factors which came in your way in achieving something. We think that lack of resources is the main reason for our failures in life like money, time, technology and knowledge. But we have observed that people who have all the resources with them and are living the best lives are not capable of contributing to others and on the other side we see that those people who have faced ultimate pain in their lives tend to give more and they tend to contribute the most because they feel those emotions and they want others to take action because they understand the “invisible forces” which shapes us.

So, it’s not about Resources, it’s about Resourcefulness which consists of Emotions, like creativity, determination, love, care, curiosity and pain and passion. He further explains that there are two invisible forces which drive us to achieve our target which are “State” and “Model of the World”. These two forces motivate us to uncover our target and they let us know how to get those targets. He talks about the six human needs that are Certainty, he says that we don’t want everything to be certain in our lives because if we know what’s going to happen next our life would become boring that’s why God has created uncertainty to give us surprises but we only like surprises which we want, other than that we consider them as problems but whatever it is, we need that. The third need he discussed was Critical Significance, that every human wants to be loved, wants to be adored because it gives us strength. Other needs are considered to be spiritual needs, which are that we must grow in order to contribute beyond ourselves. We must become givers. In the end he shares his story that when he was 11 years old, his family was in great mess because of his father. On thanksgiving there was no food for us but suddenly our door bell rang and we found a gift which was food. At that moment, my dad came up with three decisions which were that somebody has given charity to us, am I worthless? ,should I leave my family? And he left. The decision which I made from that only thing which gave me a reason to contribute to others, which gave me target was that i came up with thress totally different decisions which were my focus on “Food” , a gift and that feeling and emotion that “Strangers care”. The target I made from this was that when I got 17, I fed two families on thanksgiving and that was a proud moment for me, the most happening thing I’ve done which gave me satisfaction and motivation to give something to your fellow beings. Today he runs an entire welfare and he feeds thousands of people every year.

I found this video very inspirational and I want my readers to watch this video. 



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